/Business Partner 2 Growth

Jan Boers’ firm partners with and creates value for companies by developing and delivering marketing driven business plans for profitable and sustainable growth. Jan partners and scales up if and where required with a network of professionals in the Netherlands and London to quickly deliver the results you are after.

We work with companies or business units that are looking for a firm, insight based growth plan but also leadership for successful implementation. Partnering with and leading internal project teams to achieve sustainable results.

In relation to this we also perform interim management tasks and assignments if and when required.

What we bring is especially interesting for companies looking for opportunities to enter the next phase of growth. We add value, profiting from long term international experience, especially in fmcg, but also in B2B settings like for example medical devices.

With expertise in brand and business development, innovation, sales delivery and team leadership. Applied in a pragmatic way, quickly drilling down to the drivers and the dynamics of the business. Knowing what it takes to successfully implement initiatives together with you. Connecting people internally and externally to drive for financial results and enthusiasm in the teams at play, since in our view, these go hand in hand.